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Reading Fair

Our annual Reading Fair will be held October 25, 2019!

All storyboards MUST be turned in on October 24 during school hours (7am-2pm)! Judging will start first thing Friday morning!

We encourage student to participate even though participation isn’t required! It's simply just a fun way for students to read a book of their choice and create something fun, unique and completely their own to share with others!

We always have such a great number of participants and it’s wonderful to see all their creativity come to life with their storyboard!

MS Department of Education will not be hosting a regional and state competition, but RCSD will still be hosting their district fair! I’m so grateful to work in a school and district that continues to encourage reading in such a fun way! Thank you to those families that are doing the same as well!

We will be providing storyboards this year on a first come first serve basis! If you would like one, please let your child's teacher know, and I will send it home with them! 

Below, we have some helpful guidelines and rubrics to help you with this process!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! 

Thanks, Ms. Sasser 


First page of the PDF file: DistrictReadingFairDates2019